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Equalizer setting do you use for your Big Jambox?

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Hey guys, I've had a Big Jambox now for a while but only really started to have a look at how I can boost the sound quality of the beast.


For starters I have an iphone with apple's stock equalizers, which are pretty primitave to say the least, It would be great to hear which one you guys think is the "best" for the Big Jambox.


Also I have set a couple of custom preset on my iphone by this method:


But I really just wanted to know what you guys set your equalizers too whether is a 3rd party app, different settings, or completely off! 


thanks guys! 


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Re: Equalizer setting do you use for your Big Jambox?

Sadly enough we cannot answer this question for you.

It entirely depends on the type of Music you are playing and what kind of preferences you have towards music, are you more the type that goes for the Bass side of the song or more for the light-treble sounds.
I could say put the equalizer in mode A while a person would say the complete opposite and say position B.

My best advice is simple,
Fumble around with the Equalizer and see what suits you the best, start out with small changes and then build it up.
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Re: Equalizer setting do

I would have a easy Equalizer function for the advanced settings. So I can decide on my own how the Jambox should sound. The Iphone/Ipad settings on sound are not very usefull.