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New Jawbone Era noise assassin 3.0 does'nt work

I've been a faithful Jawbone user since they were introduced and have had all of the previous models except the Icon due too it came out shortly after I purchased my Prime. I cannot believe how much the quality of this product has went down hill. I recently purchased a iphone 4s and it didnt like my old Prime as you would need to adjust the volumn every time you recieved a call on it and as I see thats a problem in other threads. I decided to give the new Era a try and I couldnt believe how horrible the Noise cancellation was, it was non exsistant everyone I spoke to said they couldnt hear me due to the all the background noise.. I checked to make sure it was againt my cheek and the noise assassin was activated and did the soft reset but nothing helped. I tried 3 different devices and all did the same thing. Sorry Jawbone but I bought the new Plantronics Voyager Pro HD and that works better then any bluetooth I've ever had before for noise cancellation, plus its extremely comfortable too.