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Solid red light

Ok, I left my jawbone icon on the charger over the weekend since I was with my gf and she's pretty much the only person I talk on the phone...


Why in the hell sometimes the light is white and then goes back to red? How and why is it going from full... to charging again when it's sitting on the charger?


Also, I've tried following the steps to reset the jawbone


To reset your ICON please start with the charger removed from any power source and connect the Jawbone to the micro UPS charging adapter. Next, please hold the Talk button while connecting the charger to a power source (either a good wall ourlet or a USB port into a computer with good power). Once the charger is fully connected to the power source release the Talk button. You should see the red light flash on and then continue to glow.


 but firstly, it's tough holding the talk button while trying to connect the power micro USB cable to it. Secondly, when I release the talk button, it stays red... The jawbone icon's light stays red from time I plug it up until I unplug it. No matter if I hold the talk button before plugging, and releasing, it still shows red. No flashes or anything