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Connection to Laptop



I have recently purchased a Jambox and have successfully synched via Bluetooth to my Samsung Galaxy Tab and a Dell laptop, which runs Windows 7 64 bit. All works fine.


However, I am having trouble with my Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptop, also running Windows 7 64 bit. The speakers pair with the machine (the speakers give me audio confirmation that they have paired) and indeed appear in windows device manager. But, audio will  not stream via Bluetooth. The speakers work if I connect to this machine with the cable. Bluetooth works on this machine since I have connected other devices to it. I have updated bluetooth and audio drivers but still no joy. What I do note it that under the sound settings of Windows, Jambox does not appear under playback devices (only the laptop speakers). On the Dell machine I do see the Jambox under playback devices. I have checked firewall settings etc. and all seems good.


I do understand that the machine needs to have the HFP audio profile, however, I am unable to confirm if it has. I have spoken to Lenovo and they can't advise.


I might just be being a bit dumb and missing a trick with Windows settings.


Any ideas please?

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Re: Connection to Laptop

Hi George Z, I suspect I know what's going on here. The Jambox can only be connected to one device at a time for media audio (as opposed to the HFP channel which can be connected to 2 if you have that enabled and is used for programs like Skype). Before you can use on the Lenovo you would need to disconnect it from the Dell (or Galaxy Tab if it's connected to that). In order to do that on the Dell go to Start->Control Panel->View devices and printers and you should see the Jambox. How to disconnect will vary from machine to machine but typically if you right-click on the Jambox and choose Control there should be an option to Disconnect. You would do the same thing on the Lenovo except you'd choose Connect instead. Once connected it should show up in your sound settings under Playback Devices.


Let me know if that doesn't do the trick.



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Re: Connection to Laptop

In the lenovo laptop, everytime I press connect, it shows a waiting logo, and then goes back to disconnected. It just won't connect.