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UP accuracy - Have you tried ?

Hi guys,

I've got my "UP" since few days and I really enjoy it.

Today I tried to test the podometer accuracy.

I made two tests, one during running, and one during walking.

Run :

I ran 5km on a treadmill.

Result : the UP display a run of 4.21km... not really good

Walk :

I walked 0.5km with Runkeeper

Result : the UP display a walk of 0.5km (631 step)... NICE, I tried the same course again, result : 0.5km (622 step).

So the UP seems to be really accurate for the walk, but not really good for run.

I tried to calibrate it many times (run or walk) and the result is always the same.

Have you tried the accuracy of your UP ? What is your results ?

You can add me in your team if you want : "Martial Marco" (from France).




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Re: UP accuracy - Have you tried ?

I've noticed the same.

The accuracy is spot on when I walk but is almost always off when I run.


This may just be because of my stride but I'm not sure.

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Re: UP accuracy - Have you tried ?

I compared a pedometer, the Fitbit flex and the UP. Looks like the up is off on me walking, you can see the comparison here

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Re: UP accuracy - Have you tried ?

Good thing I never run!! :smileywink:

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Re: UP accuracy - Have you tried ?

I'm having the problem where it seems to be calculating TOO  many steps.  today it says that i have walked 9,2 km, but i don't see how that's possible!  I went for a walk this morning that was 4,1km and have been in my house doing housework rest of the day (i did calibrate it this morning to 1km, but it came back saying my 4,1km walk was 3.2), so even walking up and down the corridor a lot, it can't be 9,2.  

any advise how to get it calibrated correctly? 

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Re: UP accuracy - Have you tried ?

The more often that you do the calibration, the better it will get. I always use runkeeper on my walks (as I like the feedback every 5 minutes to keep pushing me). I don't have it connected to my UP, I just compare the results afterwards. In the beginning it would be anywhere up to .5km off. Now OCCASIONALLY it's about .1 - .2 off, but the majority of the time it is spot on. That is with both walking and running... so persevere and it should pay off in time!

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Re: UP accuracy - Have you tried ?

I calibrated mine on a 8 mile run outside and it was very accurate.  I can't remember the exact reading but I was pretty impressed with he accuracy. You probably should let go of the handrails on the treadmill, just kidding. My friend just bought one and she said that it logged 192 steps while she was sleeping.  Either she sleep walks or these things are still a little quirky. I can't wait to see what the next generations of these bands will be able to do.  


Good Luck!