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Used UP Since Christmas - My Feedback

First of all I've really liked the band thus far. It's really cool to see much can be tracked from somthing I have on my wrist (loving the sleep stuff the most). The app also is very visually appealing.


I do however have some feedback on where this could be more helpful:


  1. Instead of steps how about calories (option maybe)? You already compute the calories in the detailed view when you click on steps. You allow us to add activities outside of steps, so why not allow us to go straight to calories? This would be immensly useful since calories are the metric used for food tracking. This would allow us to compare, apples to apples, our calorie intake vs how many calories we've burned. The only reason I can think is that the calorie calculations aren't totally accurate, like maybe it can't tell when you are running vs walking (more full body motion in running would amount to more calories burned).
  2. Layout mode please. The timeline is pretty cool but it's quite verbose and each posting consumes a lot of screen space. I would like to see a mini timeline that shows this information more condensed when turning the phone. Also other statistical graphs are screaming for layout mode (but I figure there is a good chance this is in development already).
  3. Why can I only edit food for the current day? I want to edit food for past days in case I forgot something.
  4. What's up with syncing. Sometimes it automatically syncs and sometimes I have to manually do it. I've tried plugging in before opening the app, after, and so on. I can't see any kind of pattern.

That's it for now. Of course the next band it would be great to have the wireless syncing, an ipad  and even mac app. But what's been done so far is pretty great.