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Lost Clock Condition

What causes the "lost clock" condition? I happened to notice a few minutes ago that the daytime led on my band was glowing solid red with hints of green and white. I checked the LED status possibilities and decided that this was close to the signal for "lost clock" So, following directions  I synced the band and everything returned to normal. But I'm at a loss as to what causes this. Perhaps Jawbone Alex knows?

As background, my UP band is about 4 weeks old, I am careful with it and do not shower with it on. For the past week or so I've been wearing it without a cap, having lost the cap it came with during normal wear. I've ordered a replacement but have been told that due to high demand for replacement caps customer service is out of stock and will ship one to me sometime after the holidays. In the meantime I was assured that it is OK to wear the band without the cap. 

Any ideas as to the cause would be appreciated.