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JAMBOX 2.2 Software Update is Now Available!

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The JAMBOX 2.2 Software Update is now available for free for all JAMBOX users on MyTALK!


After syncing the JAMBOX 2.2 update, you will be able to control your JAMBOX with a few new options:


Crisper, Clearer Calls: Software enhancements make JAMBOX a Type 1-compliant speakerphone rating. Talking and making calls with JAMBOX has never sounded better.


New Silent Mode: Listen to music without the interruption of prompts, tones, and voices with the new silent mode. Silent mode disables all JAMBOX sounds so all you hear is music*.


* To enable silent mode, press the 'TALK' & 'MINUS' buttons while powering on JAMBOX. JAMBOX will remain in silent mode until you press the 'TALK' & 'PLUS' buttons while powering on JAMBOX


Jawbone Companion for Android: JAMBOX is now compatible with the Jawbone Companion for Android app. Hear alerts for upcoming meetings while listening to music on JAMBOX, and dial in, passcode and all, from your Android phone. 


Improved Connectivity: Pairing and staying connected to your Mac or PC has never been easier with improved Bluetooth connectivity for JAMBOX.


Smarter, Simpler: Smarter battery prompts remind you to plug in and charge up your JAMBOX long before the music stops. The update also conserves battery life and minimizes distraction by dimming the LED on JAMBOX after 10 seconds of audio play. 


Updating is Easy:

  1. Sign into MyTALK
  2. Turn OFF your JAMBOX and plug it in to your computer
  3. Press the MyTALK Sync button


Happy Listening!


Your Friends at Jawbone

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