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Type C Earbuds





Jawbone is proud to introduce the Type C Earbud for Icon-HD and Era, our most comfortable and secure-fitting headset earbud yet — now available for $9.99. Because we know that every ear is different, we are providing additional options to the seven earbuds that already come in the box!


This new Jawbone earbud is made of silicon resin, features a soft tail for extra staying power, and includes an audio spout for channeling and amplifying your Jawbone headset audio. Right ear and left ear 4-packs are available in small, medium and large. If you don’t know your size, then try our Type C Variety 6-Pack, which comes with one earbud in each size for both your left and right ear.


When using the Type C earbud, simply put the earbud into your ear canal, push the tail into your ear fold and twist back and forth until the tail fits snugly. The Type-C earbud is so light and comfortable—you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing it!



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